Gamera at Matsumoto castle

Japanese Samurai Art by Sword Polisher David Hofhine

1975 . . . It begins!!!  An early GAMERA drawing.   
I originally went to college on two art scholarships.  After the first semester I switched to Industrial Technology and Graphic Arts Management because I decided I wanted to actually be able to get a job after graduation.  So, find on this page some assorted fun doodles from back in the day.

The above diorama mash-up is of giant atomic turtle Gamera attacking a historically accurate build of Matsumoto castle in Nagano, Japan. Both the castle and Gamera are done in an exact and matching 1/350 scale.

Kozure Okami
Ito Ogami the baby cart assassin
This is a more recent drawing of one of my dogs.  He's a Catahoula Leopard Dog so it's tricky to get all the spots just right!

Jumonji yari
This is a layout map I made for myself for a keisho polish on an insanely complex ju-monji yari I worked on.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan drawing I did back in high school.  Bob Dylan invented rap music in 1965 with the release of the song "Subterranean Homesick Blues". Disagree?  Come at me bro!

To the right is one of my early attempts at SUMI-E brush painting.  Sumi-e is a Zen painting technique. Rather than using a model, the painter draws freely from his memory and imagination, using a brush and ink.  The movement of the brush in sumi-e painting has been compared to the movement of a sword. Bold, confident strokes are required.  It is a direct action.  Any hesitation or re-touching the work is clearly visible in the finished painting.  Dr. D. T. Suzuki's analogy is the best:  "Sumi-e reflects life . . . when painting the least stroke made over another becomes the error visible after the ink has dried.  In life, one can not take back what one has done.  Zen teaches that life must be seized at the moment, not before or after."
Fukumoto Amahide oshigata
This is an oshigata I made of a early Showa era blade by the Seki smith Fukumoto Amahide. This sword is interesting in that it has beautiful choji utsuri, a feature most commonly associated with Koto blades. I wrote an article about this sword that was published in the journal of the JSS/US a while back.  In Japan, making exact drawings of swords like this is considered an art form.

Detail from a very old water color.  Not great, but it won a state art competition back in high school.
scan 0005
more sketchbook fun,
bonus points if you can guess the model!

A small sketch: armor on box with matchlock
     Okay, it occurs to me that my own art is not particularly amazing, so included below are a few original art pieces from my collection. These are pages from a comic book adaptation of a novel that I helped write.  It was originally titled "Ghost Sword", but ended up being published under the title Witchblade Demons in 2002.  These 2 pages were drawn by professional comic book artist Keu Cha and inked by Jay Leisten.  Click on the art pages below for cover gallery and sample chapters from Mike Baron's original novel Witchblade: Ghost Sword.

FREE Ghost Sword
audio book mp3 files
A t-shirt graphic from college featuring Ippon seoinage.  Logo, text and color were added for printing.
Witchblade 1Witchblade 2
1980's style Optimus Prime by DAVE!

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